<WH in Germany>Have a breakfast with Einstein and Kafka

(Originally wrote on 11/22/2012 and modified on 12/12/2015) Even it’s not my dream anymore, I’ve still been loving the idea that I had before. After 3 years, it’s just more closer to my 30s. Travel lets me start thinking, but life lets it shape thinking.

<WH in Germany> Yummy Budapest

(Originally wrote on 10/29/2012 and modified on 08/15/2015) Finally got here. Welcome to Paris of east Europe, Hungary’s capital, BUDAPEST!

<WH in Germany>What kind of story behind you?

(Originally wrote on 09/01/2012 and modified on 05/25/2015) What do you think how he stands? Maybe you’ve seen so many times in streets, maybe not. However, do you know their secrets? Is there an invisibility cloak?