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Good Food Kitchen, Pingtung 雅樂私廚

Are you obsessed with eating at home but lack of good chef? Come to visit Lisa, private chef.

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Remember Me Cafe’, Taipei 記得我

Hey, will you remember me?

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門 Door Brunch, Pingtung

Light is important for life and mood. That’s why I love here.

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Ice Cream, Pingtung 三埢半手作霜淇淋

Overwhelmed by hot summer? Come and grab an ice cream right now!

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It’s a perfect mix of Bakery and Coffeeshop. Don’t know where you can have a wonderful breakfast? Come to Lili!

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Organic Wax-Apple Farm, Pingtung 明山有機農園

Did you hear about WWOOF before? This is an organization, which is World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. The hosts provide food, accommodations and opportunities to experience organic farms. WWOOF has independent management in each countries, so if you want to explore Taiwan, please visit WWOOF Taiwan.

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M.M CAKES, Pingtung 蔓蔓食光

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Little Secret Ice, Pingtung 小秘密さな

Too hot to hang out with friends? Go for some Matcha ice right now!

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