<WH in Australia>Time to have a good weekend

TGIF! Someone is back to work. Someone is still on the vacation. I’m gonna share something life where I live in Melbourne. I prefer to live in the metropolitan of city, which is not so expensive to afford but still charming. So, I settled down in South Yarra in last August.

<WH in Australia> Transportation between Melbourne airport and city

Regarding transportation between Melbourne airport (Tullamarine) and city (Southern Cross), you might think of Skybus. Yes, you’re right. It’s supposed to be the most efficient and fast way. It costs 18 AUD online and 19 AUD at the spot. But, if you like me want to save money. Here is a way you can do.

<WH in Australia> Fitzroy, probably guarantee of laid-back

Fitzroy, one of Melbourne suburbs, is famous for its cafe’, graffiti and relax atmosphere. No where to go on the weekend? Come to Fitzroy! Even Flat White is getting popular around the world, there is something you can’t transplant, which is the spirit and atmosphere here.

<WH in Australia> 2016 Melbourne Festival

I recently went to Melbourne, Australia to start my new journey, so in the following months, I might share some experiences and activities here. The first activity is 2016 Melbourne Festival.