<WH in Germany>We don’t eat hamburger in Hamburg

(Originally wrote on 05/20/2012 and modified on 03/22/2015) I go to fish market the last day in Hamburg. There are full of fishes, clothes, fruits, vegetables, and plants in the fish market. The most important, the boss sell crazily. It is prosperous on holiday in the port. Even Bayern lost in the Complete 2012 Champions League…

<WH in Germany> Soccer Boom Boom Boom

(Originally wrote on 05/17/2012 and modified on 03/21/2015) It is so quite in Hamburg. There are no stores opening. Maybe it’s long weekend. I walked by “DOM”. Here are soccer campaigns. The winner cheered. Wow, they’re on fire! lol

<WH in Germany> I’m in Hamburg now

(Originally wrote on 05/15/2012 and modified on 03/18/2015) Good morning! I have eaten four meals on the plane and been to Taipei, Hongkong, Zurich, Berlin and Hamburg by planes, bus, and train. I haven’t taken shower for two days. Now it’s raining. The temperature is 12 degrees Celcius. So far so good.