Pingtung is way more than Kenting

People might know Pingtung because of Kenting. It is known for its beach for a long time. Especially, for last ten years, tourists are attractive to there. Taiwanese start to complain it is too expensive to get there, even getting Okinawa is cheaper.

Astonishing Sicao Mangrove Preserve, Tainan 四草隧道

Tainan is getting popular when tourists come to Taiwan because of its history and delicious, classic food. Tainan is previous capital in Taiwan so you try to get to know locals, you probably will find what is old capital style in here. It is not only the architecture or food but also how they are…

WOW me! Paradise Bali

I went to Bali, Indonesia last week. Yep! That’s one of place at movie “Eat, Pray, Love.” Can’t wait to share with you! I’m obsessed with Frangipani. I spent a lot of time catching the falling part and was moved by the moment.