<WH in Australia> Old soul in Launceston!

Try to catch up old times of Australia? Forget commercial Sydney, come to Launceston, Tasmania.

After saying goodbye to New Zealand, my destination is Hobart. I have been to Hobart before, and you might have seen how I like this city, so my only two main agenda are MONA and Wineglass bay. MONA changed new exhibition, The museum of everything, which is really cool. I love their courage and ambition to do whatever it is. I even got beers to take away at Moo Brew.


The weather was bad when I was way to Wineglass bay. It was a pity I did not get good photos. However, I finished my puzzle of Hobart. At least, I did not have regret anymore.


I headed to Launceston the other day by bus. Cataract Gorge Reserve is close to the town center, which takes only 15 minutes to get there by foot. One thing you definitely should not miss out in Launceston. Spending here the whole day is totally worth it.


Then, just follow the local map to walk through heritage trail. I am the one who believe the house is living because people live in there. Take a look here. Some of them are making different purposes, like building of old bank that is previous HQ of Bank of Australasia, which becomes ANZ now. However, like the brewery of J. Boag and Sons was kept as brewery since 1881. Actually, the old house is the big issue in my hometown, Taiwan because of the value of land, so when I saw those heritage, it really means something to me. We just see the money instead how to run a place.


Honestly, Launceston is kind of last stop of working holiday in Australia. I met a Scottish who works at hostel, which made my journey perfect. We talked about Australia Laws, such as gay marriage, abortion and suicide here, and the independent issue of Scotland. I just realized that they have their own language. It did surprised me, though. Thank you for letting me have new stories. It is a wonderful ending for me.

By the way, I have left Australia now, but I do have some suggestion if someone wants to visit Australia. Start with Perth, fly into Melbourne to see Great Ocean Road and visit famous cafes’ as much as you can. You probably can’t get any vibes and quality like here anymore. Next, head to Uluru to see magic rocks. With a satisfied heart, going to Sydney or Brisbane to transfer to Whitsunday. Take a small aircraft or overnight sailing boat to see coral sea. Then, back to Sydney to take pictures with Sydney Opera House and ready to go home.




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  1. 大太陽 says:

    (其實也就去過三站而已XD) 不像妳跑了這麼多地方,
    要看wineglass bay 美景真的需要靠點運氣,如果不想跟觀光客一起share view的話,可以爬當地的Amos山,整個wineglassbay的美景都在你的眼界底下!很漂亮!很喜歡塔斯 :)


    (其實我是看妳logdown ruby on rails 的教學文慕名而來的,在澳洲時,不知不覺地參加Xdite的課程,然而東塔斯的收訊實在是太差,所以課程進度一直落後,最近在慢慢碰,發現只是個開始而已,是個大坑,學都學不完XD)


    1. Liz Huang says:


      練習ruby on rails就是要一股作氣(握拳),先把rails101多練幾次,再往深一點的方向繼續學。加油!我也還在苦海中學習~


  2. 大太陽 says:






    1. Liz Huang says:



  3. 大太陽 says:



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