Astonishing Sicao Mangrove Preserve, Tainan 四草隧道

Tainan is getting popular when tourists come to Taiwan because of its history and delicious, classic food. Tainan is previous capital in Taiwan so you try to get to know locals, you probably will find what is old capital style in here. It is not only the architecture or food but also how they are proud of their culture and how they live with it.

Many tourists come to Tainan for a variety of traditional Taiwanese food. However, if you are interested in nature, particularly estuary wetland. You probably should not miss out Sicao Mangrove Preserve(四草紅樹林綠色隧道), part of TAIJIANG National Park(台江國家公園).

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Actually, all I want to do here is Kayaking. However, you basically only can take a boat with tour guide to hang around here. It is still worth getting here. Go along with green tunnel, which is made of different mangroves, like Rhizophora mucronata Lam (梨跤), Kandelia candel(L.)Druce(水筆仔), Lumnitzera (Lumnitzera racemosa Willd)(欖李) and white mangrove(茄苳).

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Here is all year green. It might be great if you visit here in winter because it is less warmer. Get here on the weekdays, hop on a boat and seek for green peace. You will probably will envy the tranquil life that crabs have. Price is $200 in 2017, which you can buy at the counter next to temple. Want to take bus to travel around TAIJIANG National Park, please use 台灣好行 99台江線.

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