<WH in Australia>I will regret if I didn’t come back, Airlie Beach

I still wanted to come back even I didn’t see anything amazing at Airlie Beach in March. They suffered from Debbie Cyclone, which I tried to write something down what I’ve been at that time, please see here.

Anyway, even it costs me fortune. I am still back here. Most stores are re-open now. However, some facilities are still close because of Debbie Cyclone, such as Lagoon. When I stepped into Woolworths, I even remembered that I saw people were rushing into the stores to get food and water while Woolworths was re-open on the first day.

It is so shamed that this beautiful place is going down and losing travelers. If you have limited budget, Tigerair might be a great choice. They provide great deals between May and June. After wet season, it is perfect time to go to Airlie Beach now.

Actually, my agenda is pretty simple. I wanted to see Whitehaven Beach and coral sea from top, so I bought scenic flight of GSL aviation. You will see more than pictures with your eyes. Breath and wait for WOW WOW WOW. I am lucky that I was sitting next to the pilot. Super cool!

I stayed at YHA, which is right in the center and very clean. Highly recommend there. I spent the whole afternoon to see people hanging around. The only thing I learned from here is take it easy. Breath and calm down. Nothing is big deal. After a peaceful day, having dinner at Fish D’vine & the Rum Bar. Barramundi and Yum Yum are so delicious.

I’m glad I came back. Sometimes we just need to know everything is alright even it is not gonna be the same.




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