<WH in Australia> Fall in love with Perth

After hanging around in East coast of Australia, I finally stepped into the capital of west Australia. Super wow wow wow!


If I chose Perth as my stop in Australia, I might have wanted to stay Australia forever. However, there is no if in your life. You just have one way to continue your life. Perth is super cozy and so so so green. Bunch of park in here. Many cafes near river side or port. Weather is perfect for living and breathing. Compared to big city, like Melbourne or Sydney, city center in here is definitely small. If no music here, you will feel very quite, but it’s not crowded like there. Many problems which caused by people are needed to be solved.



For me, it is a super energetic city. Lots of races here. The most important is the society is communicating. If immigrants just moved in the specific place, and only live in certain area, do not try to get involved the city. There is no way you can call it a fusion of culture. At least, what I saw in Perth is like a really multicultural city. Many piazza and public art in this city that is used by locals, which means it fits and it immerses with the city. Feel so cool and wanted to visit here again. Below are some of my recommendation in Perth.


1. Public transportation between city and airport

If you travel light, for sure, it is a great way for you. It only costs $4.6 (2 zones) and approximately 30-40 minutes. Take bus route 935 or 40 at T3/T4 or route 380 at T1/T2 and buy tickets from bus driver. See timetable or more information at TransPerth.


2. Kinky Lizard (East Coast)

On the weekend, around here is quite quiet, but the cafes along the river side are very bustling. Half self-service here. Coffee is just ok. Dish is like little bit south America style. Not a bad choice if you stay nearby. By the way, there is tons of park in east Perth. So beautiful.



Address: 78a 20 Royal Street, East Perth, Western Australia

Phone:  08-92219133

Opening hours: 06:00 – 15:00

3. Bell Tower, Barrak Square and Elizabeth Bay

Go along Riverside Drive from East Perth, and enjoy the breeze of grass and swan river. It is such a gorgeous spot to hang around. Take a boat to surf the city or head to Fermantle or Rottness Island. However, just being here is always relax and will have fun.


4. Wolf Lane

Basically, you can get most you need here in Hay St Mall and Murray St Mall that situate variety of stores. Between William St and King St, there is a tiny lane which have interesting graffiti and stores. It is super different from main street.



5. Art Gallery of WA

After crossing Perth Train station, welcome to Perth cultural center. This vivid area really blowed my mind. First, it is art gallery. The architecture is not so fancy, but collection is definitely above average. Free entry. Next to Art Gallery of WA is State Theatre Center of WA. Beautiful exterior at night.




Address: Perth Cultural Centre Roe St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Phone: 08-94926600

Opening hours: 10:00 – 17:00 (Wed – Mon)


6. Blue Room Theatre

Wonderful place to see experimental performance. I just picked a play randomly when I arrived and watched “Ode to Man” in here. Price is fair enough. Place is close enough to see the actors. Just grab a beer and immerse with the play. You won’t regret.


FullSizeRender 11


Address: 53 James Street, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia
Phone: 08-92277005


7. State Library of WA

Except traditional function of library, it is good for browsing information, taking a break and charging phone. There is a piazza before you get here. It was lucky on my arrival day, which was dance day. Bunch of dance activities during day and night. It was so amazing to see people enjoying dance.




Address: 25 Francis St, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Phone: 08-94273111

Old fashioned and markable hostel for accommodation. It is not so expensive and worth it. 24hr reception and with mini bar. Close to Northbridge and cultural centre.


Address: 2-8 Francis St, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Phone: 08-94280000

The closet beach from city. Take a Fermantle direction train and get off at cottnes station. Walk approximately 15 minutes to see the sunset of day at the beach.


9. The Hummus Club

Not many choices here. However, it is a popular restaurant. Friendly and fast wait staff here. Want to taste exotic food, try Middle-East dish here.


Address: 258 William St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia
Phone: 08-92278215


10. Sauma

Kind of fusion of India and some western modified. Curry dock is sort of playing safe, but it is a good start. Chill Mojito is not good as traditional Mojito, however, it is really impressive. By the way, great customer here.



Address: 200 William St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia
Phone: 08-92278682


11. Little Willy’s

Early bird on Sunday morning? Come to Little Lilly. A little bit America and nostalgia, for vibe and for coffee.


Address: 267 William St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia
Phone: 08-92288240


12. Rottnest Island

If you visit Perth, you should not miss out Rottnest Island. I booked tour of ferry and bike combo at KKday. The ferry leaves from Hillary. They provide courtesy bus from city. If someone join the tour from Scarborough, and then you probably will see the scarborough beach accidentally. One to two day tour is both fine. Take bus service and walk is a good choice, as well. Cycling is fun, but please considering your physical activity. Fall is a wonderful season to get there because it is not hot as summer and prone to get flying. Quokkas is an unique animal in Rottnest Island, but it is just not as cute as photo.



Every time you arrive a spot, you will keep asking yourself. Should I go there? I just have limited time in here. If cycling along the whole island is your goal, you will face this problem all the time, which brings the thought up, maybe you should stay one more day. Why not? There is tons of activities you can do in here.



I should have visited Perth earlier. It is a really nice place to live. The humor of city is very intrinsic, but from their graffiti around the city corner. They do have very artistic humor and express their life style as funny way. So, if you plan to visit Australia, maybe Perth can be your first priority.




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