<WH in Australia>Brace majestic Grampians National Park, Victoria

Maybe Grampians National Park tour is not as Great Ocean Road popular, which I introduced before. However, if you prefer a quite mountain trail when you visit Melbourne, I really recommend to join this path that including wildlife kangaroo and majestic rocks.

I booked the tour from KKday which provided local tours for travelers around the world. They work with Go West Tours, which is cheaper than booking at Go West directly. One with Taiwan’s credit card doesn’t have to pay commission. Therefore, Taiwan’s friends have the cheapest discount.

Our guide of Go West Tours, Bec, is extremely professional and helpful. She introduced history, remembered all name of us and took care of everyone’s need. The most important is that she speaks slowly to help us understand. We are lucky having her to be our guide.

1. Morning tea in Ballarat
I always like to tour with morning tea because it’s always fresh start of the day. It’s so sweet that Bec made some cakes that starting a wonderful and exhausted day. Heading to the western plains.

2. Silverband waterfalls
Kind of appetizer of Grampians tour. Easy walking here. Peace and tranquility.


3. Lunch in Halls Cap
Have a simple but nutritional meals here. Important stops for buying drinks, toilets and kangaroo.

4. Wonderland Loops
Super cool rock journey. It’s a little bit difficult track, but no worries, you will get through this. You don’t have to finish the entire stroll because of not enough time.


5. Reeds Lookout
Great chance to see at the top of rock and have a nice picture.

6. Mackenzie waterfalls
Shaped by bushfire. I went to two paths to hang around here. First, it’s an easy way to see the whole picture of the waterfalls. Second, kind of tougher than first one. Most of the way are stairs that you need to tackle with. However, it’s so spectacular that you should try it.

7. Boroka Lookout
Really amazing views here. It would be super cool while sunset or sunrise.

8. Wildlife Kangaroo in Halls Cap
It was the first time I saw the kangaroo. They’re everywhere in someones’ backyard.


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