<WH in Australia>Heading to the Melbourne Beach now

Try to get rid of hangover today because of celebration of New Year’s Eve? Or you just don’t where to go today or tomorrow? Three beaches in Melbourne might be your choices you can consider.

1. St. Kilda Beach
There are so many stuffs you can do in St. Kilda Beach. Luna Park Melbourne is somewhere you seek for interesting. Fan of dessert? You got to get there right now. Monarch Cakes has made their polished cheesecake recipe for several decades. More European style cakes shops should be found here. I can’t wait to be there now. Penguin is one of attraction in St. Kilda Beach. Enjoy the sunset of beach and see penguins go home.

2. Brighton Beach
It’s one of hot spot in Melbourne because of fancy Brighton Bathing Box. It’s fun to take pictures with those bathing boxes.

3. Williamstown Beach
Just 30 minutes away from city. Get off at Williamstown Beach station, heading to Esplanade, there is a beach and a awesome trail, which is good for walking and cycling. If you choose yacht direction, maybe sunset is a perfect time to see the scenery.

Those 3 places are not far away from Melbourne CBD. You can get there by public transportation. So, go get your swimsuit and depart now!


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