<WH in Australia> Transportation between Melbourne airport and city

Regarding transportation between Melbourne airport (Tullamarine) and city (Southern Cross), you might think of Skybus. Yes, you’re right. It’s supposed to be the most efficient and fast way. It costs 18 AUD online and 19 AUD at the spot. But, if you like me want to save money. Here is a way you can do.

It’s shamed that not many people use it. However, it’s kind of convenient if you use public transportation in Melbourne.

1. First, you need a Myki if you want to travel by public transportation. Each Myki card costs 6 AUD. If you don’t have Myki when you are in the airport. Bus driver might ask you to buy tickets when you arrive Broadmeadows station because they don’t sell tickets.

2. Bus stop (Melbourne Airport/Grants Rd (Melbourne Airport)) is closely at terminal 4 (domestic terminal). You can plan your journey online or with app. The bus route 901 is your only choice if you want to city.

3. Touch on your Myki when you get on the bus. It costs 3.9 AUD in 2016, 4.1 AUD in 2017 and it lasts two hours. Similarly, touch off your Myki when you get off. Every transportation does the same thing. The travel time is approximately 10 minutes.

4. Get off at Broadmeadows station and get a train to city loop or Flinders street. It takes 35 minutes to travel.

If every connection runs smoothly, it may be within an hour to get city. It really depends on connection. Sometimes off-peak might be less train or bus.

Want to go to Melbourne airport? Just reverse the procedure. Take the train (direction: Craigieburn) from city loop or Flinders Street. Get off at Broadmeadows station. Then get on 901 bus to Melbourne airport. Bus stop of Broadmeadows station is the same place, no matter which direction.

So, have fun in Melbourne!


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