<WH in Australia> Must visit State Library Victoria in Melbourne

State Library Victoria is one of hot spots in Melbourne. Actually, I was impressed at first because Running Man, one of popular Korean shows, filmed the opening of the Australia specials here. After years, I finally saw the real scene.

I like to visit library in different cities when I traveled. Below are some posts I have written about libraries.
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Regarding State Library Victoria, it is oldest public library in Australia, which is founded in 1854. Kind of top and free libraries in the world. Except extraordinary design, Of course, book collection is more abundant than city library. Many students come here to study.

They provide computer access and copy service. If you wanted to use online service, you need to apply library card. However, it’s totally free. Amazing! Each year, here are over 1.7 millions visits. Also, there are bunch of free exhibitions to see. You might not surprise they focus more about Australia or Victoria’s artists.

State Library Victoria
328 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Mon – Thur 10am–9pm
Fri – Sun 10am–6pm




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  1. zzzisle says:

    you mean they played running man in the library?


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