<WH in Australia> 2016 Melbourne Festival

I recently went to Melbourne, Australia to start my new journey, so in the following months, I might share some experiences and activities here. The first activity is 2016 Melbourne Festival.

The period of Melbourne Festival is between Oct. 6 and Oct. 23 in 2016. There are tons of activities you can attend, including theatre, dance, music, visual arts, etc. Some of them are free.

I started with “TWO DOGS(兩隻狗的生活意見)“, which is produced by China director, Meng Jinghui (孟京輝). The whole show spoke Mandarin with English subtitles. However, there were so many improvisation, so sometimes many foreigners might not understand what they said. It was pity for them. The ticket price varied from 25-49 AUD. I didn’t review them as five stars, but it really reveals some situation in China with ironic ways.

Overall, I quite like Malthouse Theatre and may choose another theatre in English to explore 2016 Melbourne Festival next time. If you are in Melbourne now,  just come to join!


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