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October 2016

<WH in Australia> Cozy, but comfort Adelaide

Luckily, I went to Adelaide last week. Definitely good for weekend trip! Below are my recommendation.

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<WH in Australia> Canberra so surprised me!

I just hopped on and off the bus and headed to Canberra recently. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting I will like it. However, there are something I wanted to share.

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<WH in Australia> Must visit State Library Victoria in Melbourne

State Library Victoria is one of hot spots in Melbourne. Actually, I was impressed at first because Running Man, one of popular Korean shows, filmed the opening of the Australia specials here. After years, I finally saw the real scene.

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<WH in Australia> 2016 Melbourne Festival

I recently went to Melbourne, Australia to start my new journey, so in the following months, I might share some experiences and activities here. The first activity is 2016 Melbourne Festival.

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