<WH in Germany> We walked far away no matter time or democracy

(Originally wrote on 01/18/2013 and modified on 05/20/2016)
Taiwan inaugurated first woman president today and finished the third party alternative.

Congrats! However, I just reviewed this article accidentally. It’s been far away if we saw the past. However, it’s never the end of fighting for anyone who lived in this country. I believe it is a new start and new challenge for all of us. The most dangerous thing is we think party alternation can  lead to various end. Actually, supervise continuously is the most important!

I saw the same ad when I got on and got off the bus, which was the exhibition of Germany History Museum. I was impressed by the time, 1987 – 2012 and 25 years anniversary of the museum because I was born in 1987, which is my birth year. Actually, that was a meaningful year in Taiwan. In 1987, the first physical conflicts happened in the Legislative Yuan. Then, the government declared the martial law and open citizens to visit China.  Liberty lottery tickets were restricted. Democracy is not easy to achieve and maintain. There is so many things that we need to do.

Honestly, this rest of original article (if you can recognize Mandarin below) is about the affairs because so many friends asked me about that. Nevertheless, I’m not gonna go into details. I just wanted to say I love the state of that time. I started to realize myself and willing to deal with myself, which makes me more comfortable now.

今天等車的第一站和下車的最後一站都是這個廣告,是德國歷史博物館(Deutsches Historisches Museum)的廣告,會注意到這個廣告是因為右上角出現了1987-2012,博物館25週年的字眼(當然原文是德文),因為就是我出生的這一年(註:不小心洩漏了我的年紀,不過我的fb應該90%都跟我是同一年或1986年的人,所以我是洩漏了大家的年紀。),當年的台灣立法院出現第一次的肢體衝突(原來關於禮不禮貌已經過了那麼多年),解嚴,然後開放中國探親,愛國獎卷也在同年禁止發行了。喔~鄧麗君小姐的我只在乎你也是在同年發行的。




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