Somewhere must visit in New York

New York is super cool! I’ve met so many people don’t like New York because they think it’s depressed and super stressful there. They never consider to live there. However, for me, New York is always new and creative for me. For now, it’s one of top five cities I loved in the world. Just give some tips I have in New York.

  • Coffee shops: So many coffee shops needs to be explored, I just put some of them.
1. Stump town Coffee Roasters: Love their window seats to enjoy the street view. Just beside of the Ace Hotel. (18 W 29th St, New York)
2. Cafe Grumpy: Chelsea store is near the hostel I lived, so I visited several time. Very consistency flavor! Their logo is easy to remember. (224 W 20th St, New York)
3. Third Rail Coffee: Very close to NYU! Impressed with sour Americano. Just grab a coffee and sit in the park. (240 Sullivan St, New York)
  • Museums

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Bunch of artworks that will exhaust your energy. (945 Madison Avenue, New York)

2. MoMA: One of my favorite museums, another is Centre Pompidou in Paris. Love their artwork of decoration. It’s brave to put a small piece in the huge room or wall. If you don’t want to pay, just go on the sponsor day. (11 W 53rd St, New York)

3. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation:  The design of building is super cool, which elevates the taste of artworks. (1071 5th St, New York)

  • Sightseeings

1. Chelsea Market: There is a variety of items you can buy, such as local foods, books, handcraft artworks, etc. It’s beside of High Line. It was redecorated from old markets. (75 9th Ave, New York)

2. Washington Square Park: Next to NYU. Really like this park, I even saw someone played the piano over there. It was so lucky.

3. Wall Street: Hello World’s Economy!

4. Brooklyn Bridge: See another side of New York!

5. Top of The Rock: Watch the whole view of New York, wow me.(30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York)

6. Grand Central Terminal: Action! What movie makes you remember? (89 E 42nd St, New York)

7. New York Public Library: Get wifi and get knowledge place.

8. Center Park NYC: Winter is freezing cold, but really pretty.

9. Time Square: For crazy shopping and Broadway!

10. Staten Island Ferry: If you just wanted to see Statue of Liberty but don’t want to spend lots of money and time. Take Staten Island Ferry, it’s free and 24/7. You’ll see that but small one.



  • Hostel

1. Chelsea International Hostel: Not far away from city center. It’s affordable price if you just have limited budget. It also provides complimentary breakfast. Wifi is good but only in the public area with limited open time. I’ve been to twice in New York and both lived here. Close to Chelsea Markets and High Line. (251 W 20th St, New York)

  • Something to eat

1. Molly’s Cupcakes: Compared to Georgetown Cupcake, I definitely recommend Molly’s. Love their moisture texture and abundant flavor. (228 Bleecker St, New York)

2. BOOMWICH: Tired of sandwich, try some boomwich, ya! (311 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn)

3. Shake Shack: Must EAT in New York! Typical touristic way! (They have several shops in the town, but it’s a store right at the central station.)

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