U.S. will be your home?

I’ve almost stopped renewing my blog for several months. Actually, I got stuck with some tests and new courses. However, I still wanted to finish my Germany working holiday experience. Good news is I still travel. The next stop is the U.S. Maybe we just jumped to this part temporarily. Sometimes I’m just done with Europe. They cared about the history and the past instead of future. Nevertheless, why not move on? So, I went to the U.S., both in 2015 and 2016.

I admired the American are so innovative in 2013, after traveling over 22 countries in Europe. I just thought history was beautiful, but we needed to go for future. However, I changed my mind after going to America in 2015.

I chose two fancy cites, such as San Francisco and New York, in the first place. I know, it’s so “touristic way”. But, this is my first time to visit there, classical is the best choice. I super loved the seafood and coffee in the San Francisco, maybe the best ever. New York is full of art and museums, you never let down. When I finally got to New York, it was like dream come true. All the American serials I followed were totally played again.

Last year, I went to see a play, Brickman Brando Bubble Boom in La MaMa, which is very close NYU, my favorite university. I didn’t choose classical Broadway, however. Even I knew how the end will come, it surprised me in the final scene anyway. They used variety of media to express this story, but the most memorized part is they said, Everyone is always looking for a place to live, but few of them find a home. This is not exactly the quote because it’s almost a year ago.

What a wonderful ending for this trip! The best way to mock the American dream. History is not important, instead it depends if you can learn from mistakes. Further stories are in the process.

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