<WH in Germany>Have a breakfast with Einstein and Kafka

(Originally wrote on 11/22/2012 and modified on 12/12/2015)
Even it’s not my dream anymore, I’ve still been loving the idea that I had before. After 3 years, it’s just more closer to my 30s. Travel lets me start thinking, but life lets it shape thinking.

I followed one of tourists’ favorite step to visit Cafe’ Louvre,  just like had a big Czech breakfast with Einstein and Kafka.

It’s easy to stay free in the coffee shop or bookstore when I travel alone. I like to watch type of cities’ bookstore. Not like Berlin, Roman is full of bookstores. Prague is also kind of that. At least I saw two big bookstores in new town. Eslite are famous for design and 7/24 in Taiwan. However, it’s been a long time. There are some controversial issues of Eslite, like they wanted to open stores in China, so they didn’t sell some books or they just sold atmosphere even brand not books anymore. Eslites’ bookstore are still one of you must visit in Taiwan.

I hope when I’m 30s, I’ll have a restaurant, not in Taipei but in Pingtung. while I was watching sort of design books of Europe architect, I was thinking my restaurant shouldn’t pretend Spain or Greek’s style, etc. Prague is beautiful because it’s amazing history or old architect. It’s natural where it’s breath with day and day.


That’s why I thought we don’t need to pretend we need it, but I hope there is a big and good light window. Let sunshine go in and let us see what happen outside. Oh don’t forget one or two trees on the grass. That’s for clear souls or eyes. Lying chairs are definitely cool. Of course, it’s not at city center. I put hundreds of books that I bought in Eslite since I was young. Not only books, but also I wanted to put briefing of social issues to the customers.

I love cuisine with no boundaries and support organic foods, since it’s full of cheap and high quality of agriculture in Pingtung, so I hope my restaurant can use 100% local food. Support local farmers and let customer know what they eat where it’s from and decrease CO2 emission. We serve 7 dishes every season and give customers motivation to visit again.

Eating is not only the outcomes, you can enjoy the process from the food were made, transported, cooked, finally eaten by you. One or two chefs, one Barista, or bar tender, one dessert chef, 2 waitresses or waiters who are interested in social issues. Of course, manager is definitely important, which needs to supervise restaurants to work well and fight for employees.  No service fees here unless you’re willing to do that.


It will be good if we can provide congee in the morning because I love it. No more sandwich or brunch. 2-3 rooms for backpackers of world in the upstairs of restaurant. NTD 100 for a bed. Welcome the students who wanted to practice English to work at reception. Hope to attract foreigners to visit here. You’re a local, just be the guy to guide. It seems like I’ll open the restaurant next month. Actually, it’s just an inception. Spread the ideas and let it become true.

In the end of 2015, it’s not my dream anymore. It’s getting closer to my 30s. I haven’t figured out what I’ll do at 30s. However, I’m on my way to find, and you?









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