WOW me! Paradise Bali

I went to Bali, Indonesia last week. Yep! That’s one of place at movie “Eat, Pray, Love.” Can’t wait to share with you! I’m obsessed with Frangipani. I spent a lot of time catching the falling part and was moved by the moment.

IMG_3603 IMG_3499

Bali is one of Province/Island of Indonesia. Denpasar is the capital city. October to March is wet season so it’s not good for travel. However, it’s hot and lovely place. Bali, for me, is mixed with traditional culture, nature beauty and travel overdevelopment. There is some conflicts between those, but overall, it’s good place for most of people. Whatever you want to go shopping, enjoy cuisine, surf, massage or get peace at villa, etc. I recommend some places and transportation which I went and used below:

  1. Kuta: Most tourists and many shopping mall, restaurant, clubs

    (1) Rumah Kayu Bali: Hostel. At the beginning of Kuta Square and with wifi, air conditioning, reading light and locker. Friendly staff.

    If you don’t have too much luggage, willing to walk and don’t want to pay taxi, it works from Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport to hostel. (official taxi counter offered me 150,000 Rupiah/IDR in the first place, which their board shows Kuta Square is 70,000. I didn’t accept but another man outside offered me 100,000 so I took it. However, I used Google map to walk from hostel to airport. It took almost a hour.) Best way to any villa or hotel is to ask them if they have free shuttle bus or trustful taxi with fixed rate.

    (2) Kuta Beach: Long beach line. Full of locals and tourists. Not far away from Rumah Kayu Bali and traditional market. Free and beautiful sunset.IMG_3487

    (3) Made’s Warung: Try some Indonesia food or budget meal to start your trip in here.

    (4) Kura-Kura Bus: Transportation. If you travel alone but want to travel with public transportation, try Kura-Kura bus. They have different lines to hot spot in Bali, like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Sanur, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, South Nusa Dua, Ubud. More expensive than Perama, but it’s new and with wifi, air conditioning and good service. Don’t forget to take their map, very useful. It’s easy to recognize their car, like a turtle.

    (5) Kafe Batan Waru: Take off at Lippo Mall Kuta (Kura-Kura Bus). Serve Indonesia family food. I just came by but a little surprised me.

  2. Seminyak: leisure and expensive than Kuta
    (1) Char Char Bar & Grill (CC): Good service and special stairs to drink.
    IMG_3482 IMG_3484 

    (2) Petitenget: First get some energy juice and get some yummy food. Refresh your taste. Finally, enjoy the sunshine and wind. Love their food so much. If you take Kura-Kura Bus, take off at seminyak square, and then use google map to get Petitenget. It took 10 mins.

  3. Nusa Dua
    (1) Nusa Dua Beach: Take off at The Bay Bali if you take Kura-Kura Bus. Seems conglomerate not sands. It’s full of locals and tourists but not like Kuta. After ebb tide, it reveals something cool scenes.
    IMG_3553 IMG_3512 IMG_3519 
  4. Jimbaran
    (1) Jimbaran Beach: Take off at Le Meridien (Kura-Kura Bus). 2 mins head to beach. Well known for sunset and seafood. I only ate seafood at night. Let sea water go through your foot and dinner softs the soul. However, when I sat there, I can’t stop to remember movie “Before Midnight”, the final talk between them. That is life.

  5. Sanur: where Denpasar is and more leisure

    (1) Three Monkeys Sanur: Take off at Oasis Lagoon Resort (Kura-Kura Bus). Similar procedure like Petitenget. Juice as kickoff and fresh sandwich and Bintang Beer where my day begins.


  6. Ubud: more traditional place and culture
    IMG_3601 FullSizeRender 

    (1) Museum Puri Lukisan: Take off at Museum Puri Lukisan (Kura-Kura Bus). It takes 85,000 Rupiah/IDR. Maybe it’s expensive than you thought, but I think some collection is good but it deserves better light and decoration.

    (2) Happy Mango Tree: Hostel. At very quite place and very clean. They offer shuttle bus with reasonable rate to different places. No air conditioning but with wifi, restaurant and bar.

    (3) Coffee and …: I walked in because of TripAdvisor outside. However, it’s good than I thought.

    (4) Ubud Palace: There are some traditional performance at night, like Legong. However, not only here but also another place. You can buy tickets and get information which show you can watch in the Tourist Information. Just at the opposite of Ubud Palace. It’s interesting but if people don’t use flashlight during performance will be better.
    IMG_3598 IMG_3600

    (5) Umah Pizza: It’s always full of people. It’s cheap. Good atmosphere for chat. Take away or stay here is okay. Same street with Happy Mango Tree.

    (6) Ubud Traditional Art Market: lack of souvenir or love to bargain? come on! Get some beautiful salon or something.

I still have so many places I didn’t visit, maybe someday I’ll be back, then I’ll update this information. See ya, Bali.

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