Good Food Kitchen, Pingtung 雅樂私廚

Are you obsessed with eating at home but lack of good chef? Come to visit Lisa, private chef.

If  you’re seeking for a secret place for your close friends and family, I’ll recommend Good Food Kitchen. They choose high quality food from worldwide, mix with local food and then customize the dishes which are suitable for you. All you need is choose price range between 600-1200 NTD or above. 2-12 guests will be good, however, if over 20 guests, they prefer buffet as serves.

Making a reservation in advance is you must do before you go. If you prefer western or eastern dishes, or you don’t eat what kind of meat, remember to tell Lisa. She also has some cooking courses (if you’re interested, ask her directly. She lives Australia before, so it’s not a problem that speaking in English.), that’s why they don’t open everyday and have limited reservation days.


Open time: Depends on your reservation (check or message by Facebook.)
Address: No.8, Ln. 127, Sec. 1, Zhuangjing St., Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900, Taiwan (屏東市莊敬街一段127巷8號)
Tel: +886-978751578

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