<WH in Germany>This is my tiny planet

(Originally wrote on 01/13/2013 and modified on 09/13/2015)

I didn’t understand why people wear earphone all the time. It seems that you don’t listen to music, and you’ll find you are bored.

I listen to podcast or music now because I wanted to listen German all the time. On Tuesday, I was off duty till 10 pm. I waited for the bus and listened to the music in Mandarin. Cold and lonely. I even pretended to take final bus, however, it’s almost 24 hr in bus. It’s too old fashioned if I went to final rows of bus to cry. I just felt everyone has its helpless or frustration. If we always judge the other people in our way, it’s crucial for you.

I saw a man who wore earphone and enjoyed to dance at U-Bahn. Maybe it’s parapara, hiphop or jazz style. It seems passengers laughed at him, but he is totally immersed with his music. He even danced and didn’t step backward when the train came close, so the staff came to ask.

I was so impressed that Berliner are cool. A girl brought her pony to take S-Bahn but the passenger at the same car remained calm. It just looked like a big dog. Who is strange, girl or Berliner?

However, when I wear earphone, it’s only music and me. This is my tiny but full planet.




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