<WH in Germany> Budapest, paris of eastern europe

(Originally wrote on 10/31/2012 and modified on 09/12/2015)

LOVE cakes of Múzeum Kávéház!!! YumYumYum!

After Halloween, most places were off in Budapest. We passed Great Market Hall. What a pity. However, we tasted cakes of Múzeum Kávéház. It’s so delicious, elegant and not expensive. It’s similar between Germany and Budapest, such as shops and banks. Even that, I still felt so warm when I was back to Berlin. Home sweet home.

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萬聖節的隔天,竟然是布達佩斯的休息的日子,可能前一天大家的鬼魂都被抓去了,今天要養精蓄銳才行,連中央市場都沒有開,真的是殘念==!但今天吃到Múzeum Kávéház的蛋糕,真是太滿足了!蛋糕水準之高,只要台幣約兩百塊就可以享受到咖啡沙龍的食物,比起巴黎花神咖啡館,真是太值回票價了,我要幫布達佩斯食物按上一百個讚,好吃且價格親民。有幸收到布達佩斯明信片的人,因為今天郵局關門,沒有買到郵票,所以我帶回德國寄了。布達佩斯簡直就像德國的後門,商店和銀行幾乎和德國類似,即使如此,今天回到柏林的時候,還是有一種終於回家的感覺,聽到德國人說的德文只能用溫馨來形容了!



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