<WH in Germany> Who knows the best view in Budapest?

(Originally wrote on 10/30/2012 and modified on 08/29/2015)


We walked a long long way. Hero didn’t live so long at Hero Square (Hősök tere). When you travel, walking always refreshes you. Before we arrived Fisherman’s Bastion (Halászbástya), we met something cute.

IMG_8525 IMG_8518

IMG_8531 IMG_8522

We tried to find many places to see the most beautiful view in Budapest. However, when you think this is the best, you’ll find next point is the best. Maybe, it’s because city which is along the river, you never feel bored.

IMG_8535 IMG_8565

We went to Liberty Statue (Szabadság Szobor) to see the sunshine. No matter what Elizabeth Bridge (Erzsébet híd), Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd), Chain Bridge (Szechenyi lanchid) were getting small and small before we arrived.




We were obsessed with the gorgeous view. Romantic and precious. Before it was getting cold, we went to Regi Sipos and enjoyed the fish soup. Happy Halloween. Hope you guys can be here.

IMG_8545 IMG_8550

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今天走了很遠的路,英雄廣場上的英雄果然命都不是很長,後面的公園還有很像南投紙教堂周遭設計的餐廳,要上城堡區的纜車旁還有像要進中山大學的隧道,白橋像士林大橋,從自由神像看下來,似乎有在佛羅倫斯米開朗基羅廣場看下來的風景,只是今天氣象預報說好的晴天到快要日落才出現,某人大概又要說我亂賤踏別人的自信心。晚餐是有點貴的魚湯,但大概有快半年沒吃到真正的魚,我是海島的兒女啊! Regi Sipos兩個小時沒客人,我們包場式的享受樂團表演,今天萬聖節,看了有點矇矓的日落,炫麗奪目的夜景,寫著給你們的明信片,晚安!


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