<WH in Germany> Love big window in the house

(Originally wrote on 10/28/2012 and modified on 08/16/2015)

Have waited for now the whole day but it hasn’t shown yet. That would be the first time I see the snow.

Summer time ended on Oct. 28, 2012 so I have one more hour to sleep. Now it’s 1 a.m., it looks so beautiful in the sky, shining moon and stars. My room is on the first floor with no window railing, at least it’s not in Taipei, or it’s easy to call thief.

My room is so tiny, however, I have a big window. I never close the venetian blinds because I like the dim light from street lamps and I was awaken by sun. Interesting, here is Berlin, which is called criminal city. I asked German why no window railing is here.   He said if when you’re not at home, you need to lock more than usual, other people might be thinking you’re hide something, such as you’re rich. You show less careless, and you don’t get much attention.


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