<WH in Germany> Yummy Budapest

(Originally wrote on 10/29/2012 and modified on 08/15/2015)

Finally got here. Welcome to Paris of east Europe, Hungary’s capital, BUDAPEST!

We went to Paprika restaurant today (10/29/2012), which is recommended by Trip Adviser. Even though the staff of hostel never heard anyone goes this restaurant on purpose. However, crowd of people were in the restaurant on weekdays. Luckily, we got seats. As bloggers said, Hungary food is perfect for Taiwanese. Season is so good. I also drunk Weissbier of Hofbräu from Munich. I can go back to Berlin with satisfied. ❤ ❤ ❤

IMG_8450 IMG_8454

After dinner, we took a walk to city center and Chain bridge. Amazing scenes in Budapest. According to Wiki, Budapest became a single city occupying both banks of the river Danube with the unification of Buda and Óbuda on the west bank, with Pest on the east bank on 17 November 1873. Along riverside, you may find better and better view of Budapest but you can’t picture it exactly. The final solution is just look at it and remember in mind.

IMG_8467 IMG_8464 IMG_8462

We met a young man of Hong Kong, only 18. He traveled alone, so brave. He wanted to see the world and figured out what he really want to move on next step. However, he spent a lot of time to see HK’s TV show. Haha…..

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我在號稱東歐的小巴黎,布達佩斯,今天去了Trip Adviser推薦的paprika,雖然青年旅館的工作人員從沒聽說過有人專門要去這家店,不過這家店在非假日的今天可是大客滿,還好我們搶到一個空檔,匈牙菜果然如網友所說,很適合台灣人吃,還在這邊喝到想念的慕尼黑Hofbräu的Weissbier,我心滿意足的覺得可以回柏林了。


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