<WH in Germany> Just do the thing that you won’t regret someday

(Originally wrote on 12/19/2012 and modified on 08/2/2015)

I was reminded by a friend today (12/19/2012), if it will be end of world tomorrow, I’ll be dead outside the hometown. However, it’s one of reasons why I’m here. I’m afraid of I’m dying before I see the world. But the truth is we still live in 2015.

I talked with fourth Tandempartner today, which I mentioned last week. <WH in Germany> Don’t miss Tandempartner, especially you want to like a local

Taz, Germany left-wing press, reported students are protesting “Anti-trust Media” in Taiwan, which I talked to him and he doubted last time. This is really surprised him. I should give the journalist a thumb. I introduced National Human Right Museum to him, but it’s still no English version now. It’s the place where the government investigates and shows the past history during White Terror. There was a sad news on July 31, 2015 that a young kid committed suicide to protest illegal educational adjustment, see more <WH in Germany> It becomes more clear after some bad times. I also mentioned Lung Ying-tai to my Tandemparter. He said there are two books in German and looking forward to seeing it.

I fallen to a pond because I wanted to take photo of Christmas tree. Actually, it was raining and snowing in Berlin. There was icing at stairs and it didn’t melt, so I fallen without seeing that. Luckily, it was night and too embarrassing. Freaking cold night!!!

I heard it’s 2 pm in Taiwan if end of world really comes, it might be 7 am in Germany, which I might be dead when I sleep. However, there is 99.99999999% of chance that it might not happen. So after tomorrow, WE MUST TREAT THIS WORLD BETTER. That’s what I did now and hope I’ll do in the future.

今天 葉踢米還特別提醒我,如果明天就是世界末日,我就客死異鄉了,但這好像就是我當初申請德國度假打工的原因之一,不過世界末日不來臨好像比較有可能,雖然我的臉書充斥世界末日要怎樣怎樣的留言,不過我週遭的阿多阿倒是沒有一個人相信。




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