<WH in Germany> Don’t miss Tandempartner, especially you want to like a local

(Originally wrote on 11/11/2012 and modified on 07/25/2015)

Except watching TV, using library resource, going to school, you may have another choices. It’s Tandempartner, which means you can exchange languages. It’s fun but be careful.

It might be the most tired day since I’ve been in Germany. I had a trial to do housekeeper. Really really tired. I almost lost reception of my arm. Even though I didn’t get the job due to visa, I still had a experience to learn how to clean rooms at 4 stars hotel.

There are a lot of Tandempartner forum in Germany. It’s very cool. It’s a service of language exchange. Choose the language you want to learn and provide the language they want to learn. First you will talk via email, realize why they want to learn Mandarin and then meet at somewhere. It’s an interesting part.

First guy, same ages like me, learned IT and had been to Chongqing for a year. He also had been to Taiwan. This is why he speaks Mandarin so well. He thinks Taiwan is very interesting. He had been to Taipei, Taitung, Kaohsiung, and Tainan. Tainan is his favorite. He said Taiwanese is not only friendly to foreigners but also to Taiwanese.

Second one is an older man. Even he said he was born in 1974, but looks like 40s to 50s. He speaks very short. All his things are very old, but he got iPhone, which is expensive in Germany. He likes Beijing so much, which is possible that last Tandempartner comes from Beijing. She even gave him a Fei Wang album.

Compare to language school, this kind of Tandempartner is very fun. You can know local tips and how they learn Mandarin. However, based on body language, both of them are anxious. Really wanted to give them a calm black tea!

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Wenn man “Grey’s anatomy” Season 9 Episode 5 gesehen hat, kennt man unbedingt “30 Sekunden-Tanz”. Manchmal ist das Leben schwer, aber hol Atem weiter.




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