<WH in Germany> It becomes more clear after some bad times

(Originally wrote on 12/09/2012 and modified on 07/25/2015)

A few days ago (07/23/2015) some students broke into Education Ministry due to against illegal educational adjustment which is adjudged by court in Taiwan. Three journalists and they were take away by police. Taipei Mayor admitted it was a mistake when the police arrested journalists. However, the education minister still insisted to accuse those students. If you’re interested in this issue, please see CNN iReport “Student against illegal educational adjustment breaking into Education Ministry in Taiwan.” I’m not a student anymore, but I still remember how important you got the right information and how difficult the government faced the mistake they made.

It was a snowing day (12/08/2012). My friend and I went home till 3 am. No tram, only by walk.

Maybe it’s typical German life. Keep calm and work hard from Monday to Friday. However, drinking a lot and enjoying life on the weekend. But I’m a not kind of party animal. Speak loud at Disco, not even mention music I don’t like. I’d rather stay home, drink and play music or movies I like. However, it’s really cool hanging out with friends sometimes.

Even though I told myself I need to focus on studying hard, I can’t keep engaged in the internet. I just can’t stop following the issues at Facebook, such as anti-trust of media, no nukes, destroy environment, etc. There are bunch of unfair things which needs us to be against. Someone provided points of view to convince other people. The other one tried to give more specific actions to reform. More and more discussion made a progress, which made us agree some disagree. This is the best part. We are not becoming the same people, but we cleared some thoughts that may help action successful.

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