<WH in Germany> Would you take him home?

(Originally wrote on 11/18/2012 and modified on 07/12/2015) Actually, I’ve forgotten this piece of memory until I saw this article. If you were me, would you take him home?

It’s been a long time that I didn’t meet something weird, maybe because I’ve started to like a local here? However, I perhaps couldn’t sleep today (11/18/2012) due to guilty. Don’t expect too much. It’s not about hot boy story.

I met a Ghana man after working. He asked me if we go drinking. After 3 working days, I really needed a rest so I refused him. However, he still talked to me. He said that he went here because of two months TV program in Berlin. He will go to Job center tomorrow so don’t have place to stay now. He asked if I have a place to stay and wanted to come home with me. The whole talking is proceeding when we’re walking. I keep to say no and don’t stop.

I talked to him, “You should find hostel to stay.” But he still followed me and we stopped before the front door of apartment. “I couldn’t let you in.” I almost finished my SMS text to my roommates. He replied, “We are friends. We live the same world. I’ve told you I want to live your home. I just like your brother, father, or friend. What am I supposed to go? Don’t you like me?” I seriously said, “This is not about like. It’s just no. If you don’t leave now, I’m gonna call police.”

He just asked me why not and repeated we live in the same world again and again. At the end, I almost felt I’m so bad. Why do I edge Earthling out? However, I tried to give him my transportation ticket which is still an hour available and hope him find a cheap bed to sleep. It doesn’t work to find a free bed by using this way. Finally, I said very strict word and run to back door to get rid of it. Okay, I knew it’s so bad because he might live at the street tonight. But I just can’t.

BTW, I admitted my Feminism is so high. I served Korea guests today, except taking advantages, and I hated social atmosphere and unfair class system. It made me think Grey’s Anatomy season 9 episode 5. Dr. Thomas talked to Christina.

Don’t be crass, women of your generation think they have to be crass, or no one will believe their strength. You’re fighting a battle that women of my generation have already for you. So you could have the grace to appreciate their work and move on to something else.




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