<WH in Germany> Just be careful!

(Originally wrote on 11/06/2012 and modified on 07/11/2015)

It’s summer. Most of people will take a vacation during this period. Just be careful!

I watched a accident yesterday (11/05/2012) in Alexanderplatz. It was awful that I haven’t forgotten until now.

It was raining and a little dark. After screaming, a biker and bike just hit a van which is next to him (or her). Biker turned over an half of circle and then lied down the road. However, he (or she) put the helmet on. Fortunately, All the cars just started and suddenly braked.There was a transportation staff, who is close. He came by to assist the victim and immediately paused all the Tram, but the victim couldn’t even move. The police and ambulance arrived within 5 minutes and had a block control.

Indeed, it’s a good experience to ride bikes in Berlin. Whole city is surrounded by bikes specific way, but sometimes it’s between two car ways because other side is for right turn of cars. If you’re gonna travel in Berlin, it just take 10-12 Euro by bikes (maybe it’s expensive now). Why not ask if they offer helmet! It had better not to ride when it’s raining. Public transportation is very convenient in Berlin.

Be nice!!!

Vorgestern (05/11/2012) habe ich einen Verkehrsunfall am Alexanderplatz gesehen. Es gab Regen und ein bisschen dunkel. Ein Reiter(in) hat plötzlich einen Wagen gebommt. Der Reiter(in) war im Himmel geflogen dann auf dem Boden. Alles Auto hat sofort gehalt. Zum Glück hat der Reiter(in) den Helm getragen. Viele Leute helfen, und danach kommen die Polizei und der Krankwagen gleich. Wenn man Fahrrad in Berlin fahrt , bitte acht!

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