<WH in Germany> Movie time – Eat, Pray, Love

(Originally wrote on 12/20/2012 and modified on 07/05/2015)

I love this magic word. Attraversiamo! It means let’s cross over! Then, she traveled Italy, India and Bali.

I got this movie from Berlin city library, which I mentioned the service before. If you’re interested in what it is, please see <WH in Germany> Useful information in Berlin or similar in Germany.

The author addressed travel so beautiful, even travel is really amazing. However, the girl finally found a guy to live with, which I’m really sad. The reality of life is meant to be with someone.Do you think if you can find yourself after traveling? I still doubt it, at least I saw many people didn’t.

I’ve been to Italy and have Italian’s friend, that’s why I have many feeling on Italy part. However, I think it’s a great travel way. Choose a place you really want to go, and stay 3 months. It’s very lucky if you’re traveling less than 90 days for Taiwan’s citizens, you don’t need visa. Just stay with locals, join them and talk to them. You’re supposed to get more than you thought.

No matter whether you’re gonna experience a gap year or what, this is your life. You have right to choose that and don’t approved by anyone. I’m so sick that everyone has tons of excuse or thinks everything should prepare for work in the future. Come on! Nobody won’t replace you to be in your life so take responsibility for you. Sometimes just enjoy the life which is different from now. Spend several times with yourself. Know and love yourself. It’s supposed to mean something, which you’ve been through.

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