(Originally wrote on 12/14/2012 and modified on 07/04/2015)

There was something bad happening few days ago in Taiwan. Many young people are going through very difficult time because there was a dust explosion when they were attending a party. Hope our government and us might be taking the importance of public security and prevention seriously.

Today was an very ordinary day. However, I wanted to record this moment.

I felt so touched when I saw a baby, who is holding Pooh candy and grabbing mom’s finger in the meantime. Then I met a teenager during puberty on a bus. The most awkward time I thought probably. Tons of pimples, emotional, inferiority, or arrogant.

Finally, the son of restaurant owner I worked invited his classmates to have a dinner. We were so so busy. The boss’s wife even cried because she was aggrieved. If the son just gave her a hug, it will be enough.

Sometimes, we just wanted to be understand and assurance from outside, so hug the one you love and talk to them how you feel. Life is short and we’re gonna know what it happens in the future.