<WH in Germany> Newcomers join Berlin

(Originally wrote on 10/18/2012 and modified on 06/06/2015)

Newcomers always give new face to old school.  No matter you agree or not, this is definitely going to change something!

If you visit Berlin for several days, maybe you can put Turkey’s market (Türkenmarkt) in Berlin Neukölln to your schedule. After World War two, Germany government offered many opportunities to Turkey’s outsider to work in Germany, especially in Berlin. They suffered many working conditions but it’s better than before now. If you’ve seen Almanya – Welcome to Germany, you may know the issues of identity and difficulties they might face. Normality brings order. However, the most fascinating and different is newcomers put their culture into city. Chemical reaction happens and then boom! New New New! Kreuzberg is one of example.

You can buy super cheap food, fruits and daily supplies with basket in Turkey’s market. Don’t forget to grab delicious vendor’s food when you hang out here. It’s only open from 11:00 to 18:30 on Tuesday and Friday.

I walked from Alexanderplatz to Kottbusser Damm today, which is on my way to Turkey’s market. I found out a secret line to walk and is good for coffee time. I’ll introduce next time. I’m falling in love with Berlin again with fresh sightseeing, which I’ve never seen before.

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今天去了全柏林最大的土耳其市場,和漢堡的魚市有異曲同工之妙,可以買到超級便宜的水果及食物及生活用品,大家都是拿著菜籃子再挑貨的,德國這類的攤販包括跳蚤市場倒是很喜歡沿著河岸舉行。一個城市最美麗的地方通常不是最規矩最端正的區域裡,通常最迷人最顛覆的地方發生在有外來移民帶來他們的文化,然後開始產生變化,Kreuzberg就是一個例子,今天從Alexanderplatz走到Kottbusser Damm發現一條很適合又很散步,當然也很適合喝咖啡看書的路線,讓我下次再分享吧!最近有一種很奇妙的感覺,又重新愛上這個美麗的柏林,多走路不但有益身心,還可以顧眼睛啊!


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