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(Originally wrote on 10/14/2012 and modified on 05/31/2015) Are you a music fan or obsessed with movies but you don’t want to spend too much money? Come with me! This is very useful and it’s suitable if you’re going or living in Berlin. It’s supposed that there is a similar service in Germany. It’s library service. Oh, come on, you may think “Library, are you kidding?” Now it’s a multimedia trend that you’re not supposed to miss and definitely need to join. When I was in Berlin, one of my favorite thing is to visit library. There are so many city libraries in towns and it’s free to enter. Also, it’s a good opportunity to learn German in cheap ways.

I can borrow bunches of music CD and movies in city libraries and it costs me only 10 Euro a year. It’s a good deal to invest. There are always German transcript and voice in movies. If you’re not native English speaker, this is also good you can practice English and German. There are cool service that you can put five items (books, CDs, etc.) at the same time at the desk of automatic machine. They’ll be scanned by the machines. It’s easy to borrow. When you want to return the items, just put them to the other machines. Seems so robotic and so Germany!

Unfortunately, they don’t have English version of official website. However, try google translation. Get ID card/Passport, registration certification (Anmeldung am Bürgerämter) to apply library card. If you have any certification that you fit the discount criteria, please make sure you’ve brought them, especially students. So, don’t hesitate, just find a nearby library and go register now.

Except city libraries, you have an another choice. That is a state library in Berlin but it costs you 30 Euro a year or 12 Euro a month. I’ve been to lobbies many times but never been to inside. If you’re tired of sightseeing in Berlin, this is a good place to stay. Actually, there are more good points of view in the libraries of Berlin, but see you next time.

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