<WH in Germany> Lonely Planet in Berlin

(Originally wrote on 10/12/2012 and modified on 05/29/2015)

Get something astonishing and cool things and enjoy hot weekend! I really admire organizer puts the exhibitions everywhere in Berlin, which means tourists may explore whole city by their will and re-activate the city. Especially, it’s usually hosted in Winter so they create a scenario that you may see the street views. It’s a good way to take a tour.


There is a “lonely planet” in Berlin. Awful Weather in winter. Although it rained today, I still went to see “Festival of Lights“. Very Beautiful. It showed in various ways if you’ve seen what it’s always. However, my fingers of hands and foot were totally frozen. I needed to warm my fingers so that I can open the door, but it’s very worthy.

If you’ve been to Berlin, could you recognize all of them?

柏林也有一個寂寞星球。這是今年柏林的”Festival of Lights”,冷吱吱又下雨,凍到手腳都沒有知覺,在家門外搓手搓了十分鐘才開得了門。

IMG_8376 IMG_8389 IMG_8388


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