<WH in Germany> The grass is always greener on the other side

(Originally wrote on 09/29/2012 and modified on 05/27/2015)

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival autumn. So envy to see everyone shows BBQ’s pictures at Facebook. Even though moon won’t grow or shrink every month, when I see low angle of moon in moon festival, sometimes I may think there is a lady or rabbit living in the moon. Or maybe it’s bigger when you’re outside.

I watched a movie last Thursday, which is about the life of people who were born after World War Two. I can’t always figure out why German loves to shoot films of this period. I may get answer now. They examine education and dig into life and thinking in this period.

I haven’t a deep talk with German for a long time. German teacher’s girl friend is born in Germany. However, her grandfather and grandma are Swede. She brought an interesting issue up, which is that she felt she didn’t have a real hometown. She speaks German very well, especially, my friend and I could understand what she said than real German. Even in Sweden many of them do speak German, but she studied in Sweden, other people thought she is German. Nevertheless, other people didn’t think she has a pure German accent. That’s why she doesn’t think she has a real home.

This is a really interesting issue. Which one is important? Which one do you want?





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