<WH in Germany> New life starts

(Originally wrote on 09/11&09/13/2012 and modified on 05/26/2015)

Yes, I got new roommate. It’s Poland’s pretty girl!

Today is too tired. My new work is very exciting. I need to understand what the guests said. I hope tomorrow will be good. Beer is always good for German homework. I do everything but for work. Even it’s not wonderful, but you eventually need to face what kind of life you choose to live with. I know this is so important to the people, who just wanted to live. Really, I truly understand that.

However, as a citizen, you can’t give up your right to care about what happened in Taiwan. No matter you’re against or in it, don’t silent. I talked about politics to Chinese today. Haha…sort of awkward. I said, “Chinese like to talk about politics. Everyone can explain what kind of theory they have. As a Taiwanese, when I travel, I can’t avoid this situation, which I need to share my politic with Chinese. This is a huge difference between Taiwan and China. ”

Nevertheless, he clarified the difference very well so far. He said, “Chinese speak very well, but their opinions are not acceptable. It’s none of their business who chairman or premier is. However, this is not like Taiwan. Your opinion means one vote. You have the right to decide who is the president.”

So, do you want to be silent?





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