<WH in Germany>What kind of story behind you?

(Originally wrote on 09/01/2012 and modified on 05/25/2015)

What do you think how he stands? Maybe you’ve seen so many times in streets, maybe not. However, do you know their secrets? Is there an invisibility cloak?

I had a dream that I will have a family-type restaurant, like Little Bear in “sweat relationship”. The food tastes good. It is not high-class, and it’s cheap. The most important is the host wants to communicate with guests, like friends. I wanted to find the job in that restaurant. Unbelievable, I practice it in Germany.

The hostess likes to talk to guests, and she remembers the stories of guests. The most people are old couples. Every family has their stories. A woman got stroke, and her husband took care of her. There is a women who has changed 4 boyfriends. Also, an old man likes to boast. What about your story?

When you’re in a restaurant, are you wiling to share your story to hosts? Sometimes it’s easy to speak with foreigners or someone you’re not so familiar with because you’re afraid of your real emotions.

你覺得他是怎麼站立的呢?還是真的有隱身衣?我一直想要開一家家庭式的餐廳,就像美味關係裡little bear這種小店,東西要好吃,不需要太高級,價格也要很平民,最重要的是這個餐廳是和客人有交流的,就像朋友一樣。之前在台灣也很想要找這種餐廳打工,沒想到我竟然是在德國實踐這件事情,老闆娘是個很喜歡跟客人聊天的人,對每個客人的故事也都記得很清楚,來的客人大多是老夫妻,但每個家庭都有自己的故事,有婦人中風後,老公有情有義照顧,也有女人換了四次男朋友,也有愛吹牛的老男人,那你背後的故事又是什麼呢?

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