<WH in Germany> Time to let people speak for themselves

(Originally wrote on 08/20/2012 and modified on 05/24/2015)

Sometimes I just think about we should let the people present themselves. Now everyone can be an independent media. You can publish whatever you want on the internet if you’re not against the law. However, maybe we should turn microphone to people and let them talk about their story. Not the journalist’s version or third party because we should not deprive other people who have right to speak.

The picture I took secretly at Otto Braun Street in Berlin. I wonder what kind of life they have. They are four people. Here is their home. There are sleeping bags and basket of supermarket. They put a table that is surrounded by bears on the road. Also, it is a plate on the table that hopes you donate. They stay home by turns. Sometimes I saw them getting many bottles to change money. I often saw them sitting and talking.

Recently I always think how to not judge other people. For example, homeless, why do we say they are dirty, blahblah. Why don’t we realize the reason the life they choose? The other example, poor people are low-level. Rich people are high-level. Why don’t we respect homosexual? When and where did we learn how to judge? It exists too much judgement and makes us mean and nasty. Maybe it’s not an equal world. There are so many things we should do if we’re eager to equity. About respect, we should work hard.

The issue of Want Want China Times Group don’t finish in 2012. The media of Taiwan are caught in scandals of second generation of rich people. Is it a conspiracy that government wants to cover the regulation they wanted to pass?





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