<WH in Germany> Berlin Wall closed in 1961

(Originally wrote on 08/13/2012 and modified on 05/23/2015)

Living is not like traveling. Living in some place means you’re gonna face bunch of administration things and government staffs. However, after 10 months living here, I still love this energy city. You’ll see in my blog.

Berlin Wall was built on 13/08/1961. Just one night, it happened that Berlin was divided to west and east. How scary!

My life is full of German now. Yes, I’m back and want to improve my German and learn how to immerse with Berlin. However, the classmates of German language school are funny.

The boy, who comes from Thailand, says he lives with his boyfriend.
The girl of South Korea shoot expensive pictures of marriage in Hamburg.
The boy of Spain are optimistic.
The girl, who comes from Ukraine, is serious.
The girl of Russia is humorous.
The girls of Italy and Spain are nice, too.

We talk in a little English and a little German, but it’s fun for strenuous German class. The teacher, Marcel, is wonderful! If you’ll study German in Berlin. I strongly recommend him. He is patient and willing to help you. German teacher doesn’t mean they’re able to teach German. It needs experience and skills.

I met a strange person the day before yesterday. When he got on, he talked about farming. He asked me, “Do you understand”, again and again. But he didn’t give me more opportunity to express my opinions. I just said yes. He thought farming is important for children. He is writing a book, so he needed to talk to people in the world. Agriculture is prosperous in Taiwan, so he wanted to realize. And then he stood up and lifted his leg suddenly. Amazingly, the German beside him, were shocked and turned head to him. He said calmly, “See! Everybody needs attention like that”. Sometime I admire the attitude of European who don’t care other people. Super!



前天遇到一個奇妙的人,他一上車就一直在談論farming,一直問我do you understand,但他也沒有要問我意見的意思,只有讓我回答yes的機會,他覺得這對小孩非常重要,他目前正在寫書,所以他必須跟世界各地的人交談,因為台灣也有非常多的農業,所以他想要問問看,然後他就突然站起來抬腿,真的是突然的把腳抬到他的頭旁邊,所有旁邊的德國人都嚇到轉向他,他說你看!大家就是需要這樣注意。有時候我真的很佩服歐洲人這種旁若無人的勇氣,酷斃了!


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