<WH in Germany> Interesting diplomacy in Berlin

(Originally wrote on 08/04/2012 and modified on 05/21/2015)

There are many interesting places at Berlin’s corner. Just walk in and explore.

When I hung out on the Rosenthaler strasse (direction to Hackscher markt), I saw many people going to the lane, so I followed their steps. There are full of graffiti in the walls. I’m interested in old houses recently. I don’t know where it is, but there is a museum. I will come back next time.

I had conversation with the Israel boy a few days ago. How do we treat our country? Except travel and food, I’m happy that I was born in Taiwan. Even we need to face many challenges now, including protest of free media,free talking, environment protection, nuclear power, and food safety. Of course, the flag of Taiwan was took off in London.

We also talked about other countries, like North Europe. Usually we envy their social system of North Europe, but he doesn’t think so. He thinks it is too expensive, but they don’t earn too much. It’s still a burden for them. However, he thinks there is a balance between consuming and earning in Germany. But I think German is more practical. They spend what they earn, and they don’t seek for fashion or luxury.

Russia is the best system that he thinks. It is out of the blue for me. He talked Taiwan is an interesting issue. He said that Taiwan is indeed a COUNTRY, but we’re not part of the United Union so that we’re not a country officially. What about Israel? This is more complicated place. They have an antagonist relationship with Pakistan. It is equal or tenser than Taiwan and China.

He is a Jew. I saw many histories about Jew, and I finally meet a Jew. He likes the festival of Judaism, but he doesn’t like religion. Because there is no traffic transportation on SUNDAY!!! Furthermore, the tense international relationship does. He can stay in Europe or America. However, it is difficult to leave his country and friends. He doesn’t know where he wants to go. But he said he will maybe go to Asia, including Taiwan. Interesting diplomacy, ha?!

昨天去買comebuy一解很想喝飲料的癮,在Rosenthaler strasse閒晃的時候(往Hackscher markt的方向走),因為看到不少人走進這個小巷,所以也進來看一看,四週布滿塗鴉,最近對於斑駁的房子特別有興趣,還不知道這裡是哪裡,不過這裡有間小博物館,下回見分曉。





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