<WH in Germany> Occupy Wall Street, Kassel, Taiwan, HK, Baltmore and still more….

(Originally wrote on 07/31/2012 and modified on 05/18/2015)

After Occupy Wall Street, there will be more and more occupied events. They’re against various issues, such as huge gap between rich and poor, unfair racist, freedom, etc. Maybe most social movements will be failed but every move will make next steps. You never know what’s happening in next second! After almost 3 years, we’re still against the same thing but in different way…. When we’re not in our country, we’ll see it in different way, even more generous or crueler. However, just change it until it’s the way what you like instead of complaint.


The picture shows “OCCUPY KASSEL” that the artwork mimics Occupy Wall Street (OWS). It’s part of dOCUMENTA (13). You never know that what will happen.

My roommate, Israel boy, was asked to move by my landlord. It means I need to change my roommate. I feel sad that the people around me have the new life gradually. They’re married, starts to have a baby, or new challenge of jobs. I don’t know whether I should envy or be jealous. From the issue of “Want Want China Times Group”, I see how the media in Taiwan pathetic is. However, the students know something more than I think. It’s a great thing, isn’t it?

If we can realize the world more that last generation, why don’t we do something? I don’t believe in what I see now. Because something dirty is out of imagination. I think I should have the right to choose, but I only choose information that someone has selected. SUCKS. Yes, systems in Taiwan happened, and then it didn’t come back anymore.

It was supposed to believe that government will monitor or businessmen have faith, but don’t be silly. It is terrible that I think, but this is the truth. You can pray, maybe God will tell you the way you should go. I still believe the world is beautiful. I still want to believe businessmen will learn how faith is important. To be Against not destroy anyone, but I hope the multi-cultures and multi-opinions will stay in Taiwan.

BTW, the wind and rain are heavy. Be careful, EVERYBODY.

圖片中是仿照當初佔領華爾街的佔領Kassel的作品,也是屬於dOCUMENTA (13)。世事多變化,幾天之內,Israel男孩被房東勒令盡快搬出去,意味著我要換室友了。這幾天覺得週遭的人開始走到人生的另一端,結婚生子,或者工作已經有了另一番挑戰,不知道是該羨慕還是忌妒。或許是因為從看到旺中事件台灣媒體的悲哀,但我也看到現在學生想得更多,如果我們可以看到更多的事情,為什麼我們不能去做更多的事情?我不再相信眼見為憑,因為在檯面下的事情遠比我看到的更多,那是我撈也撈不盡的。我以為我會有能力去做選擇,但往往我只能屈就於被選擇過後的選擇。在台灣的制度裡,一旦發生了就無法回頭,因為與其去相信政府機關會有監督的能力或者商人有其誠信(我這樣假設真的很糟糕,可是事實就是如此!),不如去求神問卜,相信祂會為你指引另一條生路。我仍然相信這個世界美好,我仍然想要相信台灣商人會開始了解誠信的重要,反對不是為了滅絕任何一方,而是讓台灣有更多討論而不是互相攻訐的地方。還有,台灣現在風大雨大,要做實驗的請小心風雨,沒事在家的,一切均安。

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