<WH in Germany> Always confused recycle in Germany?

(Originally wrote on 07/24&07/27/2012 and modified on 05/17/2015)

It’s not easy to find a place to stay with nice price in Germany for foreigners, but I found it. I’m so grateful.

It is near Alexanderplatz and Fernsehtum. My roommate comes from Israel, who has girlfriend that comes from China, so he loves to eat Eastern’s foods. He also drink GREENMAX that comes from Taiwan. I also see COMEBUY here, which is open in October last year. This is the first store in Germany.


I like to sort garbage to recycle in Taiwan, but I often hesitate in front of the trash can in Germany. I’m afraid that I will be blamed if I sort the garbage incorrectly. The picture shows temporary trash can of my house. There are six kinds of garbage. For example, waste, packaging, bio waste, paper, glasses, and problem garbage. Someone says that if you sort the garbage incorrectly, the staff will not accept the garbage, and charge you refund. Staffs in Germany don’t like Taiwan to deal the garbage almost everyday,maybe it’s because it’s not hot like Taiwan.

I check the “Das Trenn-ABC” in Berlin. They have a list, and you can surf what kind of garbage is belonged in. However, there are various rules between states. But, something stupid happened. The different trash can are different colors. Bio waste should be brown, but only the lid is brown and no sign for bio waste. So I think it’s waste, so I throw the waste. When I leave, I wonder why no trash can for bio waste is. I go to check again. OMG…I was wrong. I also check whether here is camera. I’m back to get long broom to take garbage away. BTW, some children passed by and look what I do. So shamed, haha….


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