<WH in Germany> Never miss Grotta Azzurra, Capri

(Originally wrote on 07/19/2012 and modified on 05/15/2015)

I love passionate in Italy so much. Easy to talk and smile. Final stop is Capri. We’re gonna find something extraordinary blue. It’s only short time to stay with. Be focus!


Ciao! We went to Capri although it was a very expensive trip. (Note: What I wrote in this article is 2012 price.) The round-trip from Rome to Naples by train costs 38 Euro. The round-trip from Naples to Capri by ship costs 38.9 Euro. Travel whole Capri by boat costs 16 Euro. Ticket of Grotta Azzurra costs 12.5 Euro. Tip for boatman costs 1 Euro per person.

However, ocean is extremely blue. You’d better jump to the sea to see the beautiful blue. It’s hard to describe by words. The captain is a humorous man, but his Italy-English accent is very terrible. When a couple kissed at the boat, he pressed horn intentionally and he mimicked kiss. Everybody at boat laughs loudly.

Anyway, if you open your mind, then you will get positive feedback in Italy. Although you see the remains of Italy, you may think they misuse these. However, enthusiastic and good looking Italian will compensate it.

After several months, I met a girl who is from Naples, when I’m scared of crossing the road, she told me, Italian don’t be afraid, just follow me. Then, I realize that when you’re in the circumstances you’re familiar with, just follow your guts and explore it. You’ll get something amazing power. That is an unexplained secret.

How to arrive Naples from Rome?
Round trip from Rome to Naples by train has two choices. Trenitalia and Italo transfers only between big city.

How to get to boat stop from Naples station?
You can take bus 151, tram 1 or walk from train station to boat stop. Take city map  at information office if you want to take a walk and ask pedestrians on the road. If you want to take a bus, be sure to buy tickets when you get on. Bus driver don’t sell ticket. The only thing you can do in bus is that activate your tickets. There are two stops you can go to Capri, but boat of forward stop is rare. You can go to backward stop. Almost every 30 minutes has a boat to Capri. There is a free shuttle bus between two stops. You can ask someone else.

How to arrive Grotta Azzurra by boats?
There are two lines to Grotta Azzurra. Blue line is from port to Grotta Azzurra directly. It costs 1 hour and 13 Euro.Yellow line travels whole land. It costs 2 hour and 16 Euro. (2012 price)

How to enter Grotta Azzurra?
Ticket of Grotta Azzurra costs 12.5 Euro. There is a mobile ticket box. If you want to enter Grotta Azzurra, you need to transfer another smaller boat that is suitable for 3-4 people. Give some tip to the boatman. (2012 price) If you don’t jump the see or round more cycles, it only takes less than 5 minutes.


Ciao!今天去了義大利的Capri島,雖然火車(羅馬到拿波里來回38歐)加上船票(拿波里到卡布里島來回38.9歐),卡布里島環島私船(16歐)還有藍洞入門票(12.5歐)加上船夫小費(1歐),實在是搶錢義大利終極版,不過海水正藍,藍洞的美實在應該跳下去看看那像打了光的銀光青藍。船長是很幽默的義大利人,不過超重的義大利腔英文好可怕,但當小船上情侶在啾啾的時候,他還故意按喇叭,發出啾啾啾的聲音,惹得船上大家哈哈大笑。總之義大利就是一個你open mind,就可以得到正向回饋的城市,雖然看古蹟會感覺他們在暴殄天物,但熱情外表好看的義大利人(聽說民族性是笨笨的)會補足這一切的。

[註2]從火車站到船頭可以利用公車151或Tram 1,不過去程我們是用走的,有兩個上船點,可以走到公車information處拿市區圖,路不會很難,邊走邊問人就好,比較前面的上船點,班次較少,一開始沿途大家也是叫我們往第一個上船點買票,結果買票的時候,賣票的人跟我們說往後面一點的上船點大概30分鐘會開一班,可以問一下警衛,兩個上船點之間有免費巴士可以搭。回程的時候,我們轉搭公車,可是拿波里的公車司機是不賣票不查票的,公車上只能打票,要在書報攤或賣香菸的地方買票,所以我們上車說要買票,旁邊的人叫我們下車買票,但公車司機說算了,就讓我們繼續搭下去(這是一個很妙的城市,真的是大家都說得不太一樣!)



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