Lili Cake House, Pingtung Lili 手作烘焙

It’s a perfect mix of Bakery and Coffeeshop. Don’t know where you can have a wonderful breakfast? Come to Lili!

Take a ride by bikes and leisurely stroll to Lily. If you’re obsessed with old house which is redbrick, Lili will be good for you. Take a deep breath with fresh bread or pastries. Yogurt with cheese bread is my favorite. However, others are also tasty. Latte with the sugar they made is also not bad. When you go home, just grab a bread to share with family or friends.

Open time: 09:00-19:00 (check their Facebook page will be better, in case it’s close.)
Address: Lane 164, Xu Zhou Rd., Chong Lan Li, Pingtung City, Taiwan (屏東市空翔里勝利路永城16號)
Tel: +886-8-7657020


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