Organic Wax-Apple Farm, Pingtung 明山有機農園

Did you hear about WWOOF before? This is an organization, which is World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. The hosts provide food, accommodations and opportunities to experience organic farms. WWOOF has independent management in each countries, so if you want to explore Taiwan, please visit WWOOF Taiwan.

It’s very lucky if you live in Pingtung because it’s near the origin of farm produce. That’s why you can get fresher product and cheaper. Maybe for next years, it’s hot spot of local, eco-friendly produce. I visited this organic farm where it is inside Pingtung City, not far from city center.

The owner share a concept, which is about organic. He said, “Organic is about eco-friendly, which is the circles of consumer-government-farmer-land. Other side is about production capacity. If you can’t provide stable produce, you may not survive.” Wax-Apple is one of the most luxury fruits in New Year and not easy to grow in organic farms. This year they open the door to people who want to experience organic farm  and at least stay one-week to learn from May to June.

If you’re interested in this project or want to buy fruits, please directly contact to get more information. This may be an amazing experience when you visit Pingtung. Have fun!

明山有機農園 龔明山先生

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