<WH in Germany> Dream Eiffel Tower

(Originally wrote on 07/15/2012 and modified on 05/06/2015)

This is the third time I’ve been to Paris. There is a magic that you won’t forget. You’ll find something different when you come back.

There are countless beauty at the corner of south France. When you think it’s the most beautiful scenery, you just turn around, and you will surprise what you see. I took train for six hour to come to Paris for the night sight of Tower Eiffel that I didn’t see last year. Many tourists surprise the beauty of Tower Eiffel, so I think every city which want to develop sightseeing need to have a high tower. When I come to Paris again, I feel Paris is changing. Many metro lines change to new car, and not stinky anymore. Unbelievable! If Paris is not stinky, it is not Paris any more. Actually, some corner are still stinking, however, it’s a flavor mixed with urine and body taste. It’s very classical. You’ll never forget it!


ps. How to get there? Get off at Trocadéro. (across Line 6 and Line 9)

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