<WH in Germany> luxury Monaco

(Originally wrote on 07/14/2012 and modified on 05/04/2015)

I got the local tip from Irish boy in Villa Saint Exupery Gardens. Just head to Monaco from Nice by bus. Something in your mind? Yes, Formula One, Monte Carlo Rally, casino, tax heaven and luxury yachts. I think it’s tricky to explain Monaco. It doesn’t belong to EU but complies with some of EU policies. They use Euro, join Europe Council and speak French. Protected by France but have own constitutional monarch.

The Irish boy wanted to study economic in Nice because Ireland is in bad situation. He said maybe it’s better to get sunshine instead of staying in bad weather in Ireland. He is searching for the rental house so he stays at hostel temporarily. However, even I haven’t been to U.K., I surprisingly met the people from England, Ireland, Scotland, which are the part of U.K. Thank you for who corrects me when I always pronounces Monaco to Morocco because it’s very similar in Mandarin, haha…. Maybe it’s time to back to the issue when I asked at first. Do you think south France people are artificial but friendly? Whatever you speak with sugar-coat or just being polite, perhaps just let it go. It’s amazing France. Just enjoy and don’t think too much.

2012-07-14 11.15.54

2012-07-14 11.59.24

Famous Casino is here. Here is MONACO!!! You can take Bus 100 from Nice to Monaco. Just 1 Euro. It takes 40-50 minutes by bus. However, the coastlines are extremely gorgeous. It deserves to see. There are full of expensive cars outside the casino. Look at this luxury sportscar from Dubai! Everyone takes pictures with the car before the host come back. I met group of tourists from Taiwan, because they spoke “Taiwanese”, it is so kind that I say Hello to them.

Today (July 14th) is “Bastille Day”, National Day of France. This day memorializes that Bastille, on behalf of feudalism, was fallen by people of Paris, and then started episodes of the French Revolution on July 14, 1789. Time to celebrate!

I just said “If I don’t get drunk, I will not go home” today morning. Now I suffered from my own action. I went to buy Rose Wine in the supermarket. It’s very cheap, and it only costs 2.69 Euro. I forgot I don’t have corkscrew. Although I watched that someone used shoes to take out cork, I don’t know whether I don’t have enough power or my method is wrong. It took two hour to drink my wine by pushing cork to the wine bottle by toothbrush. I almost wanted to broke the bottle directly.

ps. How to arrive Monaco from Nice? Only one tram in Nice. 1 Euro per person. You can get off at “Opéra-Vieille Ville”, and then the bus stop is on your left. You can buy ticket from bus driver and it takes 40 mins to Monaco. You also can take train. 3 Euro per person. It only takes 17 minutes. (All is price in 2012, please visit here to get newest price.)


[註1]Nice目前通行的只有一條Tram,搭一次都是一歐,坐到Opéra-Vieille Ville下車即可,下車後在行車方向左手邊搭公車,可上車買票,暑假班次頗多。另外也可選擇搭火車,只要三歐(約17分鐘)。以上為2012年價格,最新價格請見這裡

2012-07-14 14.11.31

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