M.M CAKES, Pingtung 蔓蔓食光

Do you always have another stomach for desserts? Yes, I do. I always get the desserts when I’m upset or happy and get energy to move on, don’t you? Try hand-made desserts of M.M CAKES. Crème Brûlée and Brownie are the top of 1 and 2. There’re various desserts. It’s supposed that you can get what you want. Panna Cotta is my favorite. Really tasty! M.M CAKES. is a pop-up store. The owner shows up at 16:00 on Thursday and Saturday by bike and leaves until sold out.

Open time: 16:00-sold out on Thursday & Saturday (check their Facebook page will be better, in case it’s close.)
Address: next to No.2-6, Jinan St., Pingtung City, 900, Taiwan(屏東市濟南街2-6號隔壁)
Tel: +886-982-366-892

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